Even with easy access to all the variety of digital media that we have these days, comic books are still a popular form of entertainment for kids. In fact, for many kids these days, reading Marvel or DC comics and graphic novels has become a part of everyday life. And reading comics isn’t just fun and games, but also a beneficial way for young people to gain reading experience and expand their imaginations, which can lead to an interest in art.


Of course, reading comprehension will always be important, but by reading comics, children not only improve in their literacy, but also their ability to see and actually understand what they are looking at. By “reading” the images found in comics, kids learn critical thinking and how to infer information based on the artwork. Comics are also a gateway into exploring a wide variety of topics and stories. From school dramas, sports stories, cooking competitions, even classic literature, just about every topic and genre under the sun has been made into a comic book. There truly is something for everyone, and it’s not just super heroes (though super hero comics are still very cool).


Comics also help kids explore different cultures, experiences, and ways of life. By reading internationally produced comics such as Japanese manga or Korean manhwa, kids learn about cultural differences and can become more accepting of others. Today, there are comics made by creators from a wide variety of backgrounds, which can expand the horizons of young comic fans and help them to see the world through the eyes of another.


By reading comics and graphic novels, kids are opened up to new sides of art and expression, with many styles and possibilities. With so much variety available, there truly is something for everyone. As they become comic fans, It’s only natural for kids to want to draw comics of their own, and Extra Ed’s Comic Book/Graphic Novel classes can make that happen! Comics are an ultimate art form, combining so many aspects of creativity, from drawing figures, character design, composition, camera angles, storytelling, perspective, and more. These important topics are all covered over the course of the various levels of the Comic Book/Graphic Novel Creation visual arts program.


By taking classes on how to draw comics for kids, young artists can turn their love of comics into a very fulfilling interest that can last a lifetime. They’ll gain appreciation of the art-form they enjoy and the effort it takes to make it. They also build skills that can be applied to other pursuits in and out of the art world. And they gain a first-hand experience of how learning and practising those skills will yield improvement over time when they apply what they have been taught. When kids start creating comics by drawing their own characters and coming up with stories, they are really expressing themselves and how they feel about what is important to them.


Whether enjoying reading them or drawing their own, the diverse worlds of comics and graphic novels are so much more than just simple entertainment for kids, they are a valuable medium that helps to enrich and inspire the imaginations of children. And let’s be honest, comics are not only just for kids, so a mutual love of comics can act as a way for the entire family to connect. When children become interested in taking classes on how to draw comics for kids, it brings their interest in comics to a whole new level, and we at Extra Ed are ready to help get them started!


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