Lego Robotics | ExtraEd - Build and Program Robots

LEGO Robotics

Nimble fingers, nimble minds.

Build as a team. Working in groups, students tackle each LEGO robotics build together. They make a plan, assign roles among their team, and follow step-by-step instructions to completion.

Bring robots to life. Students are challenged with programming various motors to operate their robots. Problem-solving skills are put to test as students troubleshoot the task of springing their creations into action.

Invent it yourself. Building from the instructions is only half the fun. Once familiar with the functions and logic of their LEGO kits, students engage their creative minds as they invent original creations.

Our robotics equipment.

Dependent on student age, our program provides either LEGO Spike Essentials or LEGO Spike Prime robotics kits.

Weekly exercises are focused on developing the following skills and knowledge:

  • Introduction to block-coding
  • The basic logic of programming
  • Pattern recognition with shapes and colour
  • Logical sequencing to achieve a desired outcome
  • Teamwork fundamentals: delegating roles, taking turns, working cooperatively
  • Basic tech know-how such as connecting LEGO hubs via bluetooth

All equipment provided.

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Junior kindergarten to grade 8.
Available in English and French.