ExtraEd | Yoga


It’s never too early for sun salutations.

Strengthen and lengthen. Physical activity is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Our instructors guide students through series of yoga poses that build strength, develop flexibility and improve posture.

Creative practice. Whether expressing playful themes, inventing student-led yoga games, or participating in cross-curriculum activities such as art or storytelling, we always incorporate creativity and fun to our practice.

Focus on your breath. No matter your experience level, there’s room for everyone in our yoga program. From absolute beginners to experienced practitioners, we ensure students can work at their own pace in a supportive and welcoming environment.

All skill levels welcome!

Our course is designed to accommodate a wide range of skill levels. Instructors are mindful to divide drills and games into like-aged or like-skilled groups so that everyone has the opportunity to improve their abilities and be included in the fun.

Appropriate to their grade level and working to specific outcomes defined by school curriculum, students may be instructed in:

  • An introduction to foundational poses
  • Age-reflective themes to incorporate into our poses, such as “jungle animals”
  • Yoga freeze dance
  • Adding yoga elements to a game, such as “what time is it Mr Wolf?”
  • Student-invented variations on poses
  • Art and storytelling activities

All equipment provided.

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  Junior kindergarten to grade 8.
  Available in English and French.