Tutoring Services | ExtraEd - Academic Support and Success

Individual and small group instruction.

Either online or in person, our experienced instructors are able to provide educational support and special interest enrichment geared to the specific needs of individuals and small groups.

One-on-one instruction.

With a deep roster of instructors we are able to offer one-on-one instruction across a variety of subjects. With subject experts in chess, coding, arts, music and many more, we provide great opportunities for students with the desire to develop or further special interests across a great number of subjects.


Small group instruction.

Similar to our on-on-one option, we can also provide instruction to small groups of students. This is ideal for subjects like dance or magic, where the performative nature of the subject benefits from a group setting. It is also a suitable option if peers would like to form a study group thereby lowering individual participant cost and adding a social dimension to the instruction.


With a number of OCT educators and expert instructors with advanced degrees, we offer subject-specific tutoring for homework help, academic advancement, or to further students’ special interests. Popular subjects of our academic coaching include literacy, STEM, foreign languages, and more.

Contact us for more information:

Please reach Anna at 416 419 4727 or anna@extraed.ca

Adult programs.

In addition to youth programming, we are pleased to have developed a number of programs for adult participants. We have run programs in financial literacy for new Canadians; provided instruction to at-risk youth programs; and led arts programs for social service organizations. With all we have to offer there are numerous ways we can help bring new skills to your group.

On-site or online delivery.

We realize that flexible delivery is necessary to suit various schedules, needs, or locations. Accordingly, we deliver the above programs on-site (at participant homes or locales of your choosing) or, if preferred, through online delivery.

Our instructors.

We employ engaging and experienced tutors with teacher’s college certifications, advanced degrees, and years of practical experience. Our tutors are able to accommodate behavioral, communicational, intellectual, and physical exceptionalities, and will tailor their lessons and approach to your unique needs.