ExtraEd | Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

Calling all triple-threats!

Sing a story. Our program builds the skills needed to connect song with story. Pitch, tone and breathing exercises are complimented by lessons in interpreting lyrics and connecting to the meaning of a song.

Act it out. Our instructors use scene work and rehearsals to guide students through techniques for conveying the dramatic intent of a scene, such as expression, gestures, blocking, and vocal inflection.

Add dance to the drama. As they work towards their ensemble piece, students introduce movement and dance to their performance. They work both from their own improvised movements and from group choreography.

Final showcase video.

Our program culminates in a final showcase from our student ensemble. Chosen by the students from a selection of popular musicals, the performance is recorded for posterity and the video shared with participating families so they can partake in the fun.

Each week we create pieces based on in-class demonstrations. Lessons may include:

  • Breathing techniques for pitch, tone and diction
  • Emoting on stage through song and gesture
  • Using dance movements to tell a story
  • Following choreography
  • Improvising musical scenes
  • Rehearsing towards the ensemble performance

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  Final performance video will be distributed ONLY to participant families.

  Junior kindergarten to grade 8.
  Available in English and French.