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TDSB Partnership Programs

As a participant in the TDSB’s Educational Programming Partnerships, Extra Ed is pleased to offer two programs which have been developed specifically to supplement and extend Ontario school curriculum. Our programs have been vetted and approved by TDSB to be delivered in-class, during instructional time.


Financial Literacy
Exploring the concepts of currency, savings, debt, and investment, students of all ages are shown fun and interesting ways to learn about money. We empower young people to take charge of their financial lives through engaging and easy-to-understand lessons, exciting tournaments, and team-based activities which leave lasting and practical impressions. Learn more>

Chess for STEM and SEL/ÉCHECS pour STIM et AS
This program is designed to teach students crucial mathematical and scientific skills as they play and analyze the game of chess. We build towards specific outcomes from the Mathematics and Science & Technology curricula such as patterning, spatial reasoning, problem solving, and probability, all while exploring elements of social-emotional learning through chess play. Learn more>

Contact us for more information:

Please reach Katya at 416 521 5252 or katya@extraed.ca

Enhancing the curriculum.
Guided by specific outcomes across the curriculum streams, we provide unique and innovative activities in the classroom which are designed to promote the understanding of curriculum topics in meaningful and memorable ways.

Extra Ed’s programs are led by a wonderful team of experienced and certified instructors and assistants. Our team includes educators, musicians, chess masters, artists, and more—each of whom brings knowledge, expertise, and great enthusiasm for working with children of all ages.

We make it easy. All Extra Ed programs are straightforward to implement and low-maintenance to operate. Working directly with teachers and school admin, we create programs that fit their needs and schedule—with minimal administrative requirements.

Equipment and Supplies
We provide everything necessary to run our TDSB Partnership Programs.