Échecs pour STEM et SEL | ExtraEd - Stimulez Votre Réflexion Stratégique

Chess for STEM and SEL/Échecs pour STIM et AS

Bringing chess to the classroom.

Learning through chess. This program approaches crucial mathematical, scientific, and social emotional learning concepts through the game of chess. We use demonstration, storytelling, and a variety of original educational materials that ensure accessibility for each student.

See a new perspective. Illustrating curriculum concepts, such as pattern recognition or spacial reasoning, from a chess-based perspective gives students unique and memorable way to grasp these concepts. This new perspective brings ideas to light in ways that may better suit a broader range of leaning styles.

Problem solving in action. Science and chess share in common the need for problem solving and probabilistic thinking. As students engage in individual challenges, small group work, and student-to-student games, they are able to apply these concepts they are learning directly to the practicalities of the game at hand.

All skill levels welcome!

We encourage participants from all experience levels. Classes are grouped by like-skilled players so that instructors can deliver lessons and individual feedback appropriate to each and every player, from the newbie to the competitive player.

TDSB Partnership Program.

This program has been designed and approved to be delivered in-class, during instructional time. As a TDSB Partnership program, it supplements and supports specific specific outcomes from the Ontario Mathematics and Science & Technology Curricula. It is being delivered at multiple grade levels. Learn more>

Appropriate to their grade level and working to specific outcomes defined by school curriculum, students may be instructed in:

  • Practicing positive motivation and perseverance in facing challenges on the chessboard.
  • Employing critical thinking in chess strategy to look beyond the obvious next move.
  • Comparing theoretical and experimental probabilities of in-game outcomes.
  • Expressing piece-movement as coordinates via chess notation.
  • Adding and subtracting fractions representing piece-value and piece-movement.
  • Assigning dollar value to pieces and calculating transactions of piece-captures and trades.

All equipment provided.

Our Clubs are run as extracurricular programming in schools across southern Ontario. With exciting subjects, engaging instructors, and hands-on activities, this program offers educational experiences beyond the school curriculum. Learn more>

This program, delivered in-school during class time, has been designed to supplement and extend Ontario school curriculum. Our experiential mode of instruction brings unique activities into any classroom, resulting in meaningful and memorable learning outcomes. Learn more>

Grade 1 to grade 8.
Available in English and French.