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Actions and reactions.

Get experimental. Whether observing bubbles to understand surface tension, or visualizing how sounds waves reverberate using lengths of string, we unravel complex concepts with fun and illustrative weekly experiments.

The scientific method. What shapes make strong structures? What happens when we mix these? What grows in a terrarium? To answer these questions (and more) these students learn to employ hypothesis, observation and analysis.

Discovery is everywhere. From many different branches of science—the physics of flight, the chemistry of photosynthesis, the biology of terrarium life—we connect students with the scientific workings of the world around them.

All experience levels welcome!

Our course is designed to accommodate a wide range of students. Its experiments are clear, engaging and easy to follow for scientists of any age. More experienced groups analyze their findings in greater depth and discuss real life application of the scientific principles involved.

Appropriate to their age and capabilities we do weekly experiments in biology, physics, chemistry, and astronomy. Lessons may include:

  • Building scale models of the solar system
  • Observing photosynthetic reactions in plant leaves
  • Creating an eruption using simple substances
  • Using string telephones to understand sound waves
  • Using static electricity to levitate rings
  • Building gliders to illustrate the physics of flight

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Junior kindergarten to grade 5.
Available in English and French.