Multi-Sports Programs | ExtraEd - Sports Meets Learning


Drop that screen and break a sweat.

Let's get moving. Physical activity is the name of the game. Each class we follow a routine of warm ups, stretching, drills, and a friendly match in that day’s featured sport.

Drills and skills. Build concentration and coordination with sport-specific skill exercises such as passing drills for soccer or basketball dribbling challenges, each particular to that day’s sport.

Inclusive activities. During games, our encouraging instructors place emphasis on participation and sportsmanship. We play hard, but winning and losing take a backseat to fair play and teamwork.

Focus on fun.

Our instructors are mindful to divide class games into like-aged or like-experienced groups so that everyone feels included in the fun, regardless of skill level.

Dependent on weather and school facilities, the following sports are featured:

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Dodgeball
  • Ultimate frisbee
  • European handball
  • Touch football

All equipment provided.

Our Clubs are run as extracurricular programming in schools across the Greater Toronto Area. With exciting subjects, engaging instructors, and hands-on activities, this program offers educational experiences beyond the school curriculum.  Learn more>

This program (delivered in-school, during class time) has been designed to supplement and extend Ontario school curriculum. Our experiential mode of instruction brings unique activities into any classroom, resulting in meaningful and memorable learning outcomes. Learn more>

  Junior kindergarten to grade 8.
  Available in English and French.