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We are thrilled to have you here. Please explore our many educational programs designed to be inspiring, enriching and (most importantly) fun.

From chess clubs to comic book art, from magic to financial literacy and beyond, we provide thoughtfully developed extracurricular and in-class programs throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Join us on our journey towards an extraordinary future.


This in-school, extracurricular program runs for students in kindergarten through grade 8. Available in our complete range of subjects, it provides students with unique educational experiences beyond their school day curriculum. Learn more>

This program is specifically designed to supplement school curriculum, adding unique and innovative activities to any classroom. With a focus on applied learning and life skills, we feature a variety of delivery options to suit each subject and each school.Learn more>

Additional to our school-based offerings, we also provide programs to camps and childcare centres. Delivered on-site, we design these programs with the flexibility to fit within, to compliment, and to enhance any institution’s existing activities. Learn more>

We provide a variety of tutoring solutions for homework help, educational support, and the development of special interests. With one-on-one, small group, online, and private-venue study options, we can tailor these programs to meet individual needs.Learn more>



Extra Ed is a team of dedicated educators, instructors and administrators all working towards the goal of teaching essential life skills in unique and rewarding ways. With values firmly rooted in inclusivity and environmental sustainability, we endeavour to make a positive impact in our schools and communities.

Extra Ed is proud to be a TDSB Educational Partner for both our Financial Literacy and Chess for STEM and SEL programs. These approved courses are delivered in-class during instructional time to supplement and support specific outcomes across curriculum streams. Learn more>

Extra Ed has long been dedicated to the protection and restoration of our environment. We play an active role in teaching sustainable practices, engaging in park restoration, and, most notably, planting a tree for each individual enrolment in our programs.Learn more>

Every child is able to participate in our programs, regardless of a family’s economic circumstances.  If cost is a barrier, parents may register their children and pay less, or even nothing, with no questions asked.  Our programs are for everyone. Learn more>

As approved service providers to multiple Ontario school boards, we maintain a high standard of thoughtful and rewarding course delivery. Our activities-based curriculums are developed by educators and subject experts to foster experiential learning outcomes that are equally memorable and fun. Learn more> Learn more>