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Music Club

And a one, and a two…

Music play. In an encouraging environment that stresses fun and play, this program introduces students to the fundamentals of music-making and song using their voices, hands, and percussive instruments.

Catch the rhythm. With triangles, maracas, and castanets in hand, students are taught to find the rhythm of a song and play along. They hone listening skills and focus as they keep in time and play as a group.

Find your voice. Using a leader-and-callback stye instructors and students practice connecting words and songs. Students gain confidence as they explore melody, learn to sing in unison and perform with joy.

Kindergarten focus.

All our kindergarten programs are designed with age-appropriate curriculums that focuses on activity, play and exploration. Our kindergarten instructors in this program are experienced, patient and engaging for younger groups.

Each week students make music as a group, performing songs and exercises. Lessons may include:

  • Introduction to percussion and rhythm
  • Learning to use instruments including shakers, bells, tambourines and castanets
  • Keeping in time using a metronome
  • Breathing and phrasing techniques for song
  • Playing percussive melody with the xylophone
  • Practicing age-relevant songs

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  Junior and senior kindergarten.
  Available in English and French.