Ukelele | ExtraEd - Now You Can Learn to Play


Little hands, big songs.

Join the band.  While our students each progress at their own pace, based on age and experience level, we always make time to play as a group, so that everyone shares in the joy of making music together.

Get individual instruction. Our instructors take time with each student to assess their skill level, offer individual feedback, promote good technical habits, and find the right songs to engage their musical tastes.

Get individual attention. Our instructors are mindful to take time with each student to assess their skill level, instill correct technical habits, and find just the right music to engage their musical tastes.

Take your ukulele home with you.

Extra Ed provides ukuleles with nylon strings to each student. Between classes students take their instruments home to practice and serenade their families (the serenade is optional).

Appropriate to their age and abilities, students will be instructed in:

  • Care and handling of the instrument
  • Strumming and picking
  • Learning to read tablature
  • Introduction to chord charts
  • Introduction to techniques such as pull-offs and finger picking
  • Playing progressively challenging songs

All equipment provided.

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Junior kindergarten to grade 8.
Available in English and French.