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Comic Book Art

Adventure awaits.

Design characters. Students begin by exploring techniques to create fun, expressive characters. Reflective of their own interests, students consider: What does this character like? What do they do? What do they want?

Tell a story. Through pictures and words our students' characters come alive in their own worlds. We explore storytelling using humour, action, mystery and drama as each student tells a tale as unique as they are.

Make your own book. With an eye to creating expressive dialogue and descriptive visuals, we aim for each student to complete their own original comic book—so clear some space on your bookshelves!

All skill levels welcome!

Our art courses are designed to accommodate a wide range of skill levels. We design our projects to be open-ended and accessible. When applicable, our instructors may offer more advanced techniques to groups of more experienced students.

Appropriate to their age and writing abilities, students may be instructed in:

  • Character design
  • Facial expressions and exclamations
  • Comic panels and word bubbles
  • Story and character development
  • 3D drawing and one-point perspective
  • Lettering styles

All materials provided.

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Grade 1 to grade 8.
Available in English and French.