Soccer | ExtraEd - The Beautiful Game for Everyone


Come play the beautiful game.

Skills Training. Players engage in a range of skill-building activities, including passing, shooting, and ball control. Our dedicated coaches help players refine their technique and become more confident on the field.

Tactical Awareness. Our students improve their understanding of positioning, movement off-the-ball, and effective communication on the pitch, enabling them to make smarter decisions during game situations.

Physical fitness. Playing soccer requires a strong athletic foundation. We incorporate age-appropriate warm-ups, drills, and conditioning exercises to enhance participants' speed, endurance, and overall fitness.

All skill levels welcome!

Our course is designed to accommodate a wide range of skill levels. Instructors are mindful to divide small-side games into like-aged or like-skilled groups so that everyone has the opportunity to improve their abilities and be included in the fun.

Appropriate to their age and abilities, students will be instructed in:

  • Introduction to Fundamental Techniques
  • Building Technical Skills
  • Game Awareness and Decision-Making
  • Small-Sided Game Strategies
  • Agility, Speed, and Fitness
  • Advanced Skill Development

All equipment provided.

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Junior kindergarten to grade 8.
Available in English and French.