ExtraEd | Sewing


Follow the thread.

Hand stitching. Our budding fashion designers start with the basics: a needle and thread. They build hand-eye coordination, concentration, and fine-motor skills--one stitch at a time.

Work with patterns. Choosing a project from design patterns of shirts, skirts, stuffed animals and more, students learn the basics of working with patterns, understanding their notation, and using order of operations.

Add some flair. Our instructors demonstrate embroidery, creative fabric uses, and pattern modification all as ways for students to customize their projects and give them a personal touch.

No experience necessary.

We tailor student projects to an appropriately complex pattern selection. There's room for everyone in this program, from complete newbies to seasoned stitchers.

Lessons cover all the skills needed to complete each student’s project. They include:

  • Hand stitching: running stitch, whip stitch, back stitch
  • Learning about fabrics: knits, weaves, velvets, fun furs and more
  • Working from patterns
  • Working with measurements
  • Finishing skills: Hidden knots, hemline stitching, embroidery, buttons
  • Pattern drafting

All materials provided.

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Grade 1 to grade 8.
Available in English and French.