ExtraEd | Magic


And for our next trick…

Conjure up confidence. With a little patience and perseverance our students quickly begin to surprise themselves. Tricks once thought difficult and mysterious become achievable and fun. Confidence appears out of nowhere.

Think differently. Magic tricks employ misdirection, deception, and sleight-of-hand. Analyzing a trick and learning how to perform it exercises critical thinking and problem solving—both vital to the study of magic.

It’s showtime. We provide a variety of opportunities for students to perform their magic. As they develop unique routines they learn to present themselves effectively, communicate clearly, and engage with others.

Magic is everywhere.

The tricks our magicians teach require no special equipment. They are easily performed with everyday household items so that participants can recreate their burgeoning magic acts to dazzle friends and family.

Appropriate to their age and abilities, students may be instructed in:

  • Basic tricks and techniques.
  • Showmanship and presentation.
  • Storytelling and routine development.
  • Sleight of hand and misdirection.
  • Performance preparation.
  • Cultural and historical appreciation.

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Kindergarten to grade 8.
Available in English and French.