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Short Video Creation

Lights, camera, action!

Direct the action. Making a great video takes more than just hitting record. We start our program by introducing students to the power of scripting, directing, and editing to make content that stands above the rest.

You and your crew. Teamwork is vital to our program. Whether they are acting, shooting, making props, or assisting each other, every student learns to work on a crew in order to bring each of their projects to life.

Telling stories. Telling stories in a time-based medium is not as easy as it looks. Students will put their communication skills to they test bring their work together into artfully-crafted final projects.

Editing Platform.

Our program uses Clip Champ, a free, online video-editing software that is intuitive and easy to learn. Student work is stored on the cloud to allow for access outside of class.

Our lessons cover video-creation from concept to completion. They include:

  • Saving, importing, exporting footage with Google Drive
  • Editing fundamentals: timelines, sequences, sound, music, and credits
  • Using found footage
  • Shooting video with a web cam
  • Storytelling and plot
  • Script writing

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Grade 1 to grade 8.
Available in English and French.