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The world is your canvas.

Learn new techniques. From week-to-week we introduce a variety of artistic mediums. Our students practice pencil sketching, collage, watercolour, 2D sculpting, and many other imaginative avenues for image making.

Explore your creativity. Students will engage in various approaches to colour, style, abstraction and representation as they explore their own interests and make unexpected artistic discoveries.

Build lasting skills. With clear technical instruction, and inspiring approaches to art, our instructors equip participants with new skills and ideas that can be applied well beyond the end of our program.

All skill levels welcome!

Our art courses are designed to accommodate a wide range of skill levels. We design our projects to be open-ended and accessible. When applicable, our instructors may offer more advanced techniques to groups of more experienced students.

Each week we create pieces based on in-class demonstrations. Lessons may include:

  • Marker blending techniques using water and brushes
  • Exploring ways to harness the richness of paint
  • Experimenting with the unpredictability of watercolour
  • Blending techniques using chalk and pastel
  • Collaborative projects, such as the exquisite corpse
  • Collage and other mixed media arts

All materials provided.

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Junior kindergarten to grade 8.
Available in English and French.