ExtraEd | Lunch and After-School Clubs

Lunch and After-School Clubs.

Our clubs program provides fun and rewarding extracurricular activities to schools across southern Ontario. As an approved vendor to multiple school boards, our clubs are easy to implement, delivered on-site, and fully staffed. We work directly with parent councils and schools to find just the right programs for each school’s extracurricular needs.


Hands-on fun.

We apply an experiential learning philosophy to the curriculum of our clubs. Across our broad range of clubs such as magic, chess, art, drama, robotics and more, our activities are designed to be memorable and meaningful, as children develop life skills and foster interests which will last well beyond the duration of the club.

Economic inclusivity.

We are committed to the principle that no student be excluded from our programs due to financial constraint. Because Lunch and After-School Clubs are participant-paid, we are proud to offer all our Clubs with a pay-what-you-can option for those families to whom cost is a burden.

Contact us for more information:

Please reach Katya at 416 521 5252 or katya@extraed.ca


Extra Ed has no shortage of exciting programming: from robotics to musical theatre, from LEGO to magic, we are sure to find just the right compliment to your camp or childcare centre. Operating programs for children of all ages we tailor our content to a broad diversity of skills, ages and interests. For information on all our specific offerings please visit any of our individual subject pages.


Extra Ed’s programs are led by a wonderful team of experienced and certified instructors and assistants. Our team includes educators, musicians, chess masters, artists, and more— each of whom brings knowledge, expertise and great enthusiasm for working with students of all ages.

Safety and care.

Our clubs are staffed by experienced instructors, assistants and floaters. They follow policies to ensure our students are always happy, safe, well-attended to, and accounted for. Our team coordinates with school administration to ensure smooth transitions between class, clubs and dismissals—in strict adherence with school policies.


As a full-service provider we make administration easy. All Extra Ed programs are straightforward to implement and low-maintenance to operate. We take care of all the necessities—so you don’t have to.