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Kindergarten Drama

All the world’s a stage….

The art of play. With activities that blend imaginative play into drama-based games and exercises, our participants learn acting and storytelling skills in a setting that prizes fun, communication, and teamwork.

Step into character. Together, participants play and develop different characters—including those from favourite books or shows—giving them the opportunity to explore and convey emotions and practice self-expression.

Making a story. As play becomes more performative, participants practice storytelling through movement, sounds, and words. Cooperation and listening skills are on display as they share ideas and tell stories together.

Kindergarten focus.

All our kindergarten programs are designed with age-appropriate curriculums that focuses on activity, play and exploration. Our kindergarten instructors in this program are experienced, patient and engaging for younger groups.

Appropriate to their age and dance abilities, students may be instructed in:

    • Collaborative games and drama activities
    • Working as a team and sharing ideas/taking turns
    • Understanding people, places and things through the art of acting
    • Exploring, playing, and creating stories
    • Showcasing their performances, where possible
    • Complimenting peers on their fantastic work

All equipment provided.

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Junior and senior kindergarten.
Available in English and French.