Birthdays and Special Events - Extra Ed

Extra Ed for birthdays and special events.

Our programming extends well beyond the classroom. As active participants in our communities we are pleased to offer our workshops and activities to events, parties and more.

Birthday parties.

Looking to add some magic to a birthday party? We can help—quite literally. Magic, robotics, sports, arts activities, and any other of our specialized subjects are available to be delivered on-site at your party. Adapted specifically to your special day by our engaging instructors, we have something for celebrants of any age.

Community events.

Extra Ed is a mainstay of community events programming. From street parties to school fairs we have a number of activities that can add some fun to the day. With outdoor tents and canopies, we’re ready rain or shine to provide on-site activities such as magic, sports and games, communal art projects, and yes, even comically oversized chess boards.

Corporate events.

Our special event programming is not just for kids. With several subjects that lend themselves very well to team-building workshops, we also provide activities to corporate events. We have great activities such as magic lessons, improv, and art projects that allow teams to work together and build bonds beyond the confines of the office.

Contact us for more information:

Please reach Katya at 416 521 5252 or


Extra Ed’s programs are led by a wonderful group of experienced and certified instructors and assistants. Our team includes educators, musicians, chess masters, artists and more each of whom brings knowledge, experience and great enthusiasm.

Equipment and Supplies.

We always provide all necessary equipment and supplies for our events—be they chess sets, arts and crafts materials, acoustic guitars, LEGO robotics, or anything else we need to craft a great experience.