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Money Managers

Tools for your financial future.

Financial literacy. From basics like spending and savings, to advanced concepts like investment vehicles and compound interest, we give students the foundational financial principles they need to plan for their futures.

Empowered decision making. Financial decisions can be daunting. Our lessons and activities are designed to show the long-term cost/benefit of these choices, helping students take driver’s seat as they reach for their financial goals.

Lessons that last. With engaging, easy-to-understand visual presentations, and activities with personal stakes, such as our “Net Worth Tournament,” we turn a subject that might otherwise be dull into one that is memorable and inspiring.

TDSB Partnership Program.

This program has been designed and approved to be delivered in-class, during instructional time. As a TDSB Partnership program, it supplements and supports specific specific outcomes from the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum. It is delivered to grades 4 through 6. Learn more>

Appropriate to their grade level and working to specific outcomes defined by school curriculum, students may be instructed in:

  • An introduction to currency, savings, banks, and borrowing money
  • Spending and saving behaviours, credit cards and debt
  • Simple and compound interest rates
  • Setting financial goals
  • Registered accounts like RESPs and RRSPs
  • “Net Worth Tournament” (continuous activity through the program)

Our Clubs are run as extracurricular programming in schools across southern Ontario. With exciting subjects, engaging instructors, and hands-on activities, this program offers educational experiences beyond the school curriculum. Learn more>

This program, delivered in-school during class time, has been designed to supplement and extend Ontario school curriculum. Our experiential mode of instruction brings unique activities into any classroom, resulting in meaningful and memorable learning outcomes. Learn more>

Grade 1 to grade 6
Available in English and French.