ExtraEd | Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation

Telling stories, frame-by-frame.

Making art that moves. Through pen, paper, camera and clay, participants learn the basics of stop motion. They delight in seeing their own animations spring to life as they test their patience, planning and creativity.

Claymation creations. Modelling clay is an ideal material for beginners and experts alike. Our programs teaches how to craft clay characters for animation and how to manipulate them shot-by-shot as we create movie magic.

Creative team building. Animation takes a lot of teamwork. While collaborating on more complex projects participants learn to animate their characters, props and scenes as a group—creating more complex and rewarding work.

No experience necessary.

We use a free cloud-based animation platform. This intuitive program allows users of all ages to get started quickly and easily. Running directly in a web browser, it can be accessed anywhere allowing participants continue to create at home.

Appropriate to their age and dance abilities, students may be instructed in:

    • Using pen on paper to create a flip-book animation
    • Introduction to animation software.
    • Making characters and telling a story
    • Storyboarding a short film idea in 6 panels
    • Designing and animating characters with modelling clay
    • Creating a group animation project

All equipment provided.

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Junior kindergarten to grade 8.
Available in English and French.