Coding | ExtraEd - A Language with Infinite Potential


>>> print(‘Hello World!’)

Follow the logic.  Students are introduced to the basic logic and principles of programming. They build familiarity with these concepts through fun and simple exercises following ordered sets of commands

Modify the code. Next, we dig deeper as students add some personal flair by editing their code. With some trial-and-error along the way, they customize sprites, alter images, and add their own stories as text.

Run program. Adding the power of loops, conditions, and other programming tools students complete their own simple games and fun exercises.

The platforms we use.

Dependent on level, our students either use block coding programs, such as Scratch or a standard programming language such as Python.

Lessons and exercises are built to introduce and practice the following concepts:

  • Abstract reasoning
  • Logical sequence
  • Reading and changing numbers on the code
  • Drawing and editing a character's image digitally
  • Problem solving and basic troubleshooting
  • Basic tech know-how (using a web browser, using shortcut keys, etc.)

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Grade 1 to grade 8.
Available in English and French.