One-To-One Tutoring
Extra Ed’s instructors include teacher’s college graduates, world class chess players, computer engineers, published authors, and much more. Some are outgoing and energetic, some more soft spoken and mild-mannered.
But all possess years of experience working with students of all ages and learning types, including in our many popular school and online programs (Extra Ed is a TDSB Partner).
Whether you're looking for remedial support or just want to get ahead, Extra Ed can help with:
  •   Writing
  •   STEM
  •   English (and ESL)
  •   French (and immersion)
  •   Other foreign Language
  •   Academic Coaching
  •   Entrance Exam Prep
  •   Musical Instruments
  • √  Chess lessons
  • ...and much more!
We also offer extra support for any Extra Ed Program your child is currently enrolled in. Contact us below and let’s get started!

For students who get nervous in groups or just prefer a one-on-one learning experience, Extra Ed offers private lessons online or in-person.

Extra Ed tutors bring a wealth of education, experience and expertise to their sessions. As well as being extraordinary personalities, our tutors are sensitive to the diversity of students' experiences, and are able to respond to and accommodate a range of behavioral, communicational, intellectual, physical, or multiple exceptionalities.

Private sessions will entail personalized programming with the instructor who is matched perfectly to the needs of your child. We offer remote or in-person tutoring services for one-on-one, or perhaps for siblings or very small groups.

It all starts with a call to discuss your child’s learning style and needs. We then match your child with a great instructor. We believe that a good match makes all the difference, and we take this process so seriously that your child’s first session is always free until a good match is made.
We also pride ourselves on being an educational support for students to help them get organized, stay on top of their studies, and excel at school! Think of it as a coach for success!
Your child will benefit not only from one-on-one attention and confidence-building of having a tutor and mentor, but will be able to tackle their individual weak spots and accelerate their emerging strengths.
Meet some of our experienced tutors:
team member image

Jonathan Zeldin

Jonathan serves as both the Operations Manager and an Instructor at Extra Ed. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from.......

team member image

Grace Ferguson

Grace is Head of Social Media and Digital Marketing where she leads a creative team that develop educational content for.......

team member image

Anna Hebert

Anna is a certified teacher and the head Curriculum Developer. She also heads up Environmental Initiatives as Extra Ed.......

If cost is a barrier to your child receiving the educational support they need, please contact us.
We offer subsidies that can reduce or eliminate the costs so that every child is included and can thrive.



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