• TDSB-approved educational partners

    Extra Ed programs have been vetted by the TDSB and some have been granted special permission to run as in-class enrichment workshops because they complement the Ontario curriculum. This in-class option is on top of our regular lunch/after school club offerings.
  • Approved vendors and service providers in multiple Ontario school boards
  • Fully bilingual in French and English
  • Active in the protection and restoration of our environment
  • In-class enrichment programming for schools

    Our in-class programs buttress school curriculum and adds another dimension to any classroom. These programs are flexible in their delivery: they are available as half or full day activities, over several consecutive days, or once per week for several weeks, depending on school schedules and budget.
  • Lunch/after-school clubs at schools and other venues

    Extra Ed is a full-service provider that offers a full range of lunch and after-school clubs to suit any school's needs. From athletics to arts to chess to LEGO/Robotics and other STEM offerings, we have it all!
  • PA Day, March Break, summer, and holiday camps
  • 1-on-1 tutoring and private programming

Welcome to Extra Ed! We’re so happy you’re here!

Extra Ed is a social enterprise with two main goals. First, we aim to deliver educational programs that teach essential life skills and that positively impact those who take them. Part of this is our pay-what-you-can program for children in difficult economic situations. Second, we are devoted to making a difference environmentally. We live this value, in part, by planting a tree with every registration.
We invite you to join us as we deliver extraordinary educational programs that teach essential life skills; all while contributing to a better environment in which kids can thrive.
Our History
Our Values
High-Quality & Well-Executed Programs
An Accessible & Inclusive Organization
Environmental Activism

Extra Ed started out in 2015 teaching financial literacy programs in a handful of elementary, middle, and high schools in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We have since grown into an organization that offers a full suite of educational services - from in-class enrichment programming, to lunch and after school clubs, to camps, and even tutoring and special interest learning. When the pandemic forced us all indoors, we expanded our offerings to include online programs, capturing everything that had made in-person so special to so many. Our in-person offerings have expanded to neighbouring school boards throughout southern Ontario. Our online programs have run in schools as far away as British Columbia, and garnered students’ interest in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Our in-person programs still run in schools, but also involve community and cultural centres, government-sponsored organizations, corporate partners, and other private settings. We are even teaching adult newcomers to Canada the basics on financial literacy. We do it all!

Extra Ed is a social enterprise with three main goals. First, we aim to deliver high-quality, well-executed educational programs that teach essential life skills and positively impact those who take them. Second, we strive to be an accessible, inclusive organization that welcomes all children into our programs, regardless of their family’s economic circumstances. And third, we endeavour to be active in the protection and restoration of our environment.

Extra Ed’s programs are all created in-house and have a strong reputation as being uniquely challenging while still being fun and interesting. More than anything, we empower kids with the building blocks for life. Whether it’s introducing kids to financial literacy, new and different cultures, strategic thinking, working with their hands, or getting their bodies moving, our programs nurture better brains for an ever-changing and demanding world.
Our programs have earned us smiles from children, gratitude from parents, and the respect of educators. We have become partners with school boards that believe our programming complements the many aspects of the Ministry of Education’s curriculum. We aim high with our programs, and have a great track record to prove it. Responsible execution of programs is just as important as the programs themselves. Extra Ed takes special care to ensure all logistical considerations are taken care of, such as permit filing, student dismissal, and student registration. We communicate every aspect of what is being done to every school and venue we work with. This is just the start! Extra Ed takes pride in not needing any “program babysitting” from school administrators or parent councils. We can be counted on to make complicated and multi-faceted logistical aspects seamless for everyone involved - school administrators, teachers, parents, parent councils, and most importantly, the kids!

Extra Ed believes that every child deserves an opportunity to participate in our programs, regardless of their family’s economic circumstances. Families are able to register their children and pay less than the asking price, or nothing at all, with no questions asked. This may sound too good to be true, but it’s a pillar of who we are. This organization would rather make less, but do much more, than make any child or family feel excluded. Accessibility and inclusivity, however, don’t just apply to the kids that are joining the fun. It also applies to the staff that teaches them. Extra Ed is committed to being an organization whose staff reflects the diverse populations that we serve - which is to say, everyone is welcome!

Since the day Extra Ed was founded in 2015, this organization has integrated taking environmental action into our most basic operations. Many of our staff, along with parents and children from our programs, have voluntarily planted thousands of trees. The trees we did not plant ourselves, we either gave directly to the children who took our programs (at their request), or partnered with organizations that we know not only got them in the ground, but also ensured they would survive after planting. While this tree-planting initiative (which sees us plant a tree with every registration) is the centerpiece of our efforts to protect and restore our environment, it certainly isn’t all we do. We have also cleaned up local parks and school playgrounds and worked with students to collect tens of thousands of sheets of paper (that were destined for landfill) and turned them into our office paper or school worksheets. We also work hard to ensure our instructors are placed close to where they live to encourage commuting without driving. This organization is small, but thinks big on this subject. We are trying to set an example both within the classroom and without, so taking serious, concrete action for the environment will not only remain firmly entrenched in the core of our operations, but will continue to grow.