Lucas and Nicolas are two siblings that love playing video games and reading books. They have been living in Toronto for one and a half years after arriving from Brazil. What else do they have in common? Both have taken Extra Ed programs. Check out below what they thought about it:


Extra Ed: Hello, boys! Before we chat about Extra Ed programs, can you tell us how old are you?

Lucas: I am 13 years old.

Nicolas: I am 8.

Extra Ed: Cool! What programs did you guys take?

Lucas: I did Financial Literacy and Lego Robotics.

Nicolas: I took Lego Robotics and Lego Building programs.

Extra Ed: And what did you guys think about the programs?

Lucas: I honestly liked both of them very much! The instructors were very fun to work with. And the content that we learned was pretty cool. I liked the way they guided Financial Literacy and Lego Robotics programs.

Nicolas: I liked the programs very much. I met new people. I got to build really cool structures.

Extra Ed: What else do you guys remember from the programs?

Lucas: I liked both programs very much. I think I prefer Lego Robotics because I enjoy playing with Lego bricks and adding the robotics to it made the experience awesome. In Financial Literacy, we had our own characters that we developed for group work and made life choices for them. It was a fun way to look at more serious matters such as how we manage our money through life.

Nicolas: They were fun! I had choices to build different things like amusement parks, cities, theme days such as Christmas, medieval times and lots more. In Lego Robotics we could build things that move back and forth and we could access it from a tablet. So, it was really cool!

Extra Ed: That’s awesome! Thank you for the chat guys. Let me ask you a last question: I’ve heard you love playing video games. So, tell us about a cool game you played recently.

Lucas: I am playing Batman Arkham Knight and I love it. Batman is one of my favourite characters and I love driving the Batmobile through Gotham City.

Nicolas: Spider-Man Miles Morales. Miles is my favourite character. I just love him. I have finished the game and I am playing it all over again.


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