At Extra Ed, we like to think that we have an eye for photography. Photography is as rich in educational material as it is a mix of the arts. It uses technology that also touches on math and sciences, making it a tool for life. Not to mention it is a creative outlet that you can pair with any other interest. For example the nature lover might lean towards landscape photography or macro images of flowers and insects; sport lovers might enjoy taking portraits of their friends in action or the person with an impressive action figure collection might love bringing their collection to life through miniature photography.


No matter your interest, there is a way to pair it with photography. The ability to simultaneously encourage a student’s hobby or other interest while learning a new skill is what makes teaching photography so fun. This is also why I rarely dictate the subject matter of a student’s project, rather than instruct them with overarching themes. I want them to find something they are interested in, and then provide students with all the magical tricks to make an image “cool”.


I have been taking pictures myself for over 15 years and personally it has always given me something to be inspired and excited about, even during times of boredom or when I felt creatively stuck. I can pick up my camera and take some close ups of whatever I can find around my house. The act of creation leaves me feeling satisfied with no mess. If I can get a child or young teen inspired enough to see the endless possibilities you have with just a camera and something to photograph, I feel I have done my job.


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