I have been teaching chess for kids with Extra Ed for over two years now and it has not only been a valuable experience but also a rewarding one. Having played and studied chess myself since the age of 5, I have first hand experience seeing how chess has helped shape my life and achieve many of my goals throughout the years.

Chess has numerous positive impacts on developing brains often being linked with improving concentration, problem-solving, critical, original and creative thinking skills. Chess helped me to strategize, make long-term goals and plans to achieve them, as well as make many friends along the way. So, of course I wanted to share my love for this game with other kids so they could share in the amazing aspects this game has to offer!

This led me to start teaching chess programs for kids! Extra Ed began running Toronto chess programs for kids right around when I joined the team. The curriculum is fantastic and paced out wonderfully for kids in kindergarten all the way up to levels made for grade 8 students! These photos you see here were ones I’ve taken during different after school chess programs. It’s always heart-warming to see the friendships the students make during these chess classes and their genuine enthusiasm for this beautifully complex game.

Recently, we’ve created a curriculum for online chess programs, providing access to our programs to students nationwide and internationally. We’ve also hosted online chess tournaments for PA Days! This has been a brilliant way to expand our teachings and provide educational programs to more kids. I’m excited to continue sharing my passion and knowledge for this game with numerous students!

You can check out our incredible Chess Programs and a ton of other great Extra Ed courses through our Extra Ed content calendar.