Chess Tournaments

Tournament Overview

Available To: Ages 6-18

Available As: Facilitated Online Games

Tournament Start Dates Length of Tournament Instructor Cost Pay-what-you-can
Every Sunday in August
September 6
3 pm
Appx. 1.5 hours per tournament Extra Ed Chess Pro $18.50 + HST
If cost is a barrier, just pay what you can. COVID-19 has hurt many financially - including us - but our programs remain accessible to all. Please respect this honour system.

Ready, Set, Play!

Extra Ed’s facilitated Chess Tournaments, offered each Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer, are primed to rev up any player’s competitive engine. Simply register with Extra Ed for each Tournament and You’re in! All levels accepted.

Each Extra Ed tournament lasts for 1.5 hours and includes an optional top board game analysis from one of our Chess Pros. Each player will play at least 6 games at 10 minutes each and obtain a rating from the Chess Federation of Canada, Canada’s official chess ratings agency.

Players are divided into player groups based on their rating and skill level. No rating, no worries, your first tournament provides your first rating.

Happily, all proceeds from Extra Ed’s Chess Tournaments will be donated to the Jacques Katz Memorial Scholarship Fund.

See you at Game time!

An Extraordinary Education

  • Chess develops strategic and tactical thinking
  • Chess transcends language, age, race, religion, politics, gender, and income
  • Chess builds character, self-esteem, and a sense of self
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