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Chess and LEGO

Play and build, build and play.

Introduction to chess. Geared to kindergarteners learning the foundational aspects of the game, we couple chess lessons with LEGO play as a reinforcing activity that gives students an outlet beyond the chess board.

Move beyond the board. LEGO building offers an extension of the narrative aspects of chess—piece characteristics, movements and strengths—that reinforces chess concepts while providing fodder for epic LEGO adventures.

Playing together. Chess and LEGO are both wonderful social activities. Chess, with its etiquette, sportsmanship, and turn-taking is the perfect compliment to LEGO where students work together in free, creative cooperation.

All skill levels welcome!

We encourage participants from all experience levels. Classes are grouped by like-skilled players so that instructors can deliver lessons and individual feedback appropriate to each and every player, from the newbie to the competitive player.

Chess etiquette.

Chess isn't just a game; it's a lesson in sportsmanship and resilience. Our kindergarten course introduces young players to chess with an emphasis on respect, fair play, and graceful behaviour—both on and off the board.

Appropriate to their abilities and familiarity with our activities, students may be instructed in:

  • Introduction to chess and basic movements
  • Piece-roles, characteristics and positioning
  • Mastering individual piece-movements
  • Chess-themed LEGO builds, such as castles or chess pieces
  • Using LEGO as a storytelling medium
  • Working together in collaborative LEGO builds

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