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Improv Drama

“Yes, and…”

Find the play. Performance requires imagination and creativity. Students learn to create, adapt, and think on their feet as they take their performances in spontaneous, surprising and (often) hilarious directions.

Listen closer. Improv cultivates the art of attentive listening. Team games and excercises help our students hone their skills of give-and-take as they learn to communicate on stage with empathy and thoughtfulness.

Grow confident. Our nurturing and fun environment encourages teamwork and togetherness. It empowers students to shed their self-consciousness and to build a confidence which will carry beyond the stage.

Final showcase video.

Our program culminates in a final showcase from our student ensemble. Recorded for posterity, a video of the performance will be shared (only) with participating families so they can partake in the fun.

Appropriate to the age and dynamic of the group, weekly activities may feature:

  • Improv fundamentals and basic scene work
  • Character development
  • Scene building
  • Spontaneity and reactivity
  • Emotional range and expression
  • Showcase preparation

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Final performance video will be distributed ONLY to participant families.

Junior kindergarten to grade 8.
Available in English and French.