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Farm and Garden

Cultivate your green thumb.

Planting ideas. In this program we learn from nature by helping things grow. We plant seeds in soil, germinate seeds in water, plant clippings of vegetable scraps, and make wildflower seed bombs to plant at home.

Looking closer. Our activities are hands-on. Whether they are growing seeds, dissecting the parts of a flower, or making their own compost, students will observe for themselves the fascinating lifecycle of plants.

From farm to table. Students learn about annuals, perennials and ecosystems. They gain understanding of food crops, growing seasons and harvest. They connect the produce they eat to the natural processes that provide it.

We get our hands dirty.

Meant in the best way possible: this is our messiest club. With an instructional mode rooted in experiential learning, we look to develop our students’ deep appreciation for nature and to inspire a lifelong love for feeling soil between their fingers.

Appropriate to their grade level and working to specific outcomes defined by school curriculum, students may be instructed in:

  • The lifecycle of plants
  • Seeds and propagation
  • Making their own compost-in-a-container
  • Hands-on dissection and observation of plant life
  • The study of wetlands and other ecosystems
  • Harvesting plants for food

All equipment provided.

Our Clubs are run as extracurricular programming in schools across southern Ontario. With exciting subjects, engaging instructors, and hands-on activities, this program offers educational experiences beyond the school curriculum. Learn more>

This program, delivered in-school during class time, has been designed to supplement and extend Ontario school curriculum. Our experiential mode of instruction brings unique activities into any classroom, resulting in meaningful and memorable learning outcomes. Learn more>

  Junior kindergarten to grade 8.
  Available in English and French.