ExtraEd | Web Design

Web Design

Where art meets code.

Get creative. Our students dive right into the creative side of web design. Using an intuitive design platform, they learn how to use colours, images, text, and interactive elements as they build their websites.

Make it your own. We encourage students to design websites that embody their personal interests, style, or hobbies. They discover how design can amplify their passions and captivate online audiences.

Tell a story. Students harness their evolving skills to craft non-linear narratives which blend images, words, and intuitive navigation. The result? Engaging user experiences that captivate and inspire.

No experience necessary.

Our program uses Figma, an intuitive beginner-friendly design and prototyping tool. Widely used by designers for web and app design projects, Figma has a range of features such as vector editing, interactive prototyping, and design libraries.

Lessons and exercises are built to introduce and practice the following concepts:

  • Introduction to Figma and its design features
  • Graphic design for the web
  • User interface design
  • User experience design
  • Non-linear communication
  • Basic introduction to HTML and CSS

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  Junior kindergarten to grade 8.
  Available in English and French.