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Toy Hacking

Want to make a Barbie-robo-chicken?

What is toy hacking? In this program we teach how to take apart old, broken toys and refashion them into fantastic creations. Imagination is on full display as marvellous creatures emerge from a box of disused parts.

The art of repair. Aside from the creativity of making imaginative creations, learning the tools and techniques of toy hacking sets participants on a lifetime path of repairing and repurposing objects and clothing.

Confidence with tools. Participants use common household tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, glue-guns and sewing needles. They build tool-literacy, an excellent life skill that fosters self-reliance and the DIY spirit.

Recycle your old toys.

All materials are provided (including toy parts) but we encourage participants to bring in their own broken or discarded toys, such as stuffies, dolls, Barbies, figurines, or plastic toys. Do NOT bring in vintage toys or toys with sentimental value.

Appropriate to their age and dance abilities, students may be instructed in:

    • Learning how to use tools like screw drivers and pliers.
    • Basic sewing techniques.
    • Using the glue gun to piece together broken toys.
    • Removing factory paint from plastic toys.
    • Taking apart a toy and sketching the parts.
    • Everything is alive activity—creating characters from everyday objects.

All equipment provided.

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Grade 3 to grade 8.
Available in English and French.