Kids are learning about money, debt, saving and more in Extra Ed’s financial literacy courses, which are conducted both online, after school, and even in classrooms! No class is ever the same though, and all feature unique conversations with students bringing varying topics to the table and making real-world connections to financial terms and tools.

Extra Ed’s Financial Literacy lessons have been developed with a focus on holistic learning. It includes math, social sciences, and even history for some components. Following our famous “Net Worth” tournament-style game, students are guided through a variety of financial concepts to help prepare them to make financially savvy choices for the future! We provide a safe space for students to discuss a variety of financial opinions, and invite exploration of what financial success means to the students. During the program, students are encouraged to use their critical thinking skills to determine different ways to save money and resources through simple everyday changes.

With a focus on different types of debt, ways of savings, and investing, students are guided through a fun and interactive class, packed with games and discussions leaving students ready to start saving! The financial literacy program is designed to be easily understood, while still providing a challenge for anyone at any level of financial knowledge. Extra Ed’s Financial literacy program is designed in a way to help be flexible and accessible for a variety of learning needs and abilities. Here at Extra Ed, we have found that experiences with financial literacy can be extremely beneficial in helping students think about the long term and to develop a healthy respect and appreciation for their money (and the money of their parents). Plus, the students love it!

When moving to the online world, Extra Ed expanded its financial literacy program for kids to reach more audiences throughout the country with the same personal touch we have when conducting these same courses in the classroom. Examining the financial world from a young age helps students gain a sense of ownership in the world and the ability to make sound investment decisions. When students feel more confident in their decisions, they feel encouraged to do their research and advocate for themselves, leading them to develop a responsible financial mindset to help achieve their goals.

Servicing the Greater Toronto Area for over six years, Extra Ed strives on high quality accessible education, focusing not only on meeting learning needs through the practical training of our mentors, but also offering an affordable class. We only charge by pay-what-you-can, even if it’s nothing at all, so all you have to focus on is how you’re going to be financially savvy! We encourage everyone to jump right in and join us in one of our online financial literacy classes and experience first hand the impact a great financial literacy class can have on a person! Anyone can learn to be a “Money Manager.” It just makes good “cents.”

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