Delivered As: In-class enrichment, Lunch / After School Clubs, Before School Clubs
Available To: Junior kindergarten to grade 12
Available In: English and French


LEGO® RoboticsLEGO® Robotics sees students go from assembling bricks to bringing their creations to kinetic life by adding functioning robotics to the mix. The end result? Some fun robot races, and increased confidence and interest in STEM!

Students are divided into groups based on their knowledge and background with the materials, with each level working with increasingly complex robots and code. Our primary programs work with Spike and WeDo 2.0, while our juniors and seniors work with Ev3 Mindstorms and Spike Prime. Advanced primaries also work with Ev3 Mindstorms. Add in NXT Intelligent Brick, plus a range of sensors – and don’t forget the children’s imaginations – and just watch those new creations come to life!

Our robotics programs bring creativity, collaborative learning in groups, and digital literacy to the forefront. And as always, we emphasize problem solving throughout, challenging kids to code, debug, and identify any other errors before adjusting to fix. Every week sees new and different builds that get more and more complex as their confidence with the technology grows. So come join the fun! All levels welcome.