Delivered As: In-class enrichment, Lunch / After School Clubs, Before School Clubs
Available To: Junior kindergarten to grade 12
Available In: English and French


Extra Ed’s chess programs are available to students from junior kindergarten through to grade 8, from complete novices learning the names of the pieces to tournament ranked players working on endgame strategies. Our programs have a stellar reputation as being very complete - from more academically focused programs that focus on the STEM benefits (and for which we have earned board partnerships), to lunch and after school clubs that are energized, fun, and challenging.

We aim to blend the sheer enjoyment of the game with the many benefits that it provides. It is well known that chess can improve strategic thinking, focus, pattern recognition and problem solving skills. But our programs, filled with challenging riddles and game play, tap into this and add much more – from game analysis that focusses on turning mistakes into lessons, to winning and losing with grace, and to nudging the players to take initiative and evaluate choices, Extra Ed chess programs teach much more than the game.

Although kindergarten students all remain together in the same groups, we divide all grade school participants into groups based primarily on their chess levels – not necessarily by age. But whichever group they are a part of, it will be a fun and memorable experience!