I’ve taught at Extra Ed for the past year now and it’s been a wonderful experience. Since I was 16 years old, I’ve been a passionate filmmaker. I started off creating films with my friends in high school, and soon moved on toward bigger projects, like an award-winning web series that received tens of thousands views on YouTube. Yet despite these successes, one of the biggest achievements in my filmmaking journey was working at Extra Ed. I was deeply happy when I first received the offer to instruct in my craft. It’s such a fulfilling feeling to be able to teach something that I love. I always find the students have something to teach me too, and the work they create never ceases to amaze me.  

Filmmaking is more than just the flashing lights, movie stars, and popcorn action movies. When people think of movies they think of Clint Eastwood and a sunset in the background. But it’s more than that. It’s about the telling of a story, the creative process, the expression of the artist. So much can be learned from filmmaking that can be applied not only to arts, but to other faculties as-well. Someone skilled in the arts of directing will likewise be skilled in jobs involving leadership, like CEO’s or managers. A skilled filmmaker will learn how to solve problems, work under deadlines, and most importantly, express themselves in an authentic and unique way. 

The curriculum is designed in a way to help students make friends, but also learn the art of film in the easiest and most pleasant way possible. Students begin by analyzing several types of films: music videos, commercials, movies. Once they begin to distinguish the different types, they are encouraged to begin working on films of their own. Starting off simple, with the first project being a short 30-second compilation of stock footage, the projects gradually increase in difficulty. Ranging by the end from trailers, YouTube videos, commercials, and even short narrative films of their own! By the end of the program, all students will not only have a basic knowledge of film and film editing, but also have two to four short films of their own! 

Our programs have been made accessible to students worldwide through use of our online and virtual learning courses! Weekly, but also offering a PA day program for any students on the fence about film, or just wanting to walk away with a brief glint of filmmaking expertise. The course is fun for everyone! For amateurs, to experts, there’s always something new to learn regarding the filmmaking experience. It’s been an honor teaching at Extra Ed, and I genuinely believe any student who signs up for the film program will walk away amused, and more apt in a real-life applicable skill that’s not taught much elsewhere.