ExtraEd | Digital Art

Digital Art

Painting pictures, pixel-by-pixel.

Intro to digital images. Starting with basic tools, students are introduced to digital painting software where they experiment with art techniques already familiar to them in analog mediums.

Emojis, you asked? Once comfortable with digital painting basics, students are taught a pixel-art program where they use paint tools and layers to make their own custom emojis, icons and characters.

Bringing it all together. Students integrate digital drawings, pixel-art, and photographs together using image-editing software. This fun, experimental experience lets them explore the possibilities of digital art.

Software platforms.

Our program uses three, easy-to-learn, online software platforms: Kleki for digital painting, Pixil, a "pixel-art" maker, and Photopea, a photo-editing program.

Our lessons cover video-creation from concept to completion. They include:

  • Saving, importing, exporting footage with Google Drive
  • Editing fundamentals: timelines, sequences, sound, music, and credits
  • Using found footage
  • Shooting video with a web cam
  • Teamwork fundamentals: delegating roles, taking turns, working cooperatively
  • Storytelling and plot
  • Script writing

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  Junior kindergarten to grade 8.
  Available in English and French.