Exploring science, technology, engineering, and math is about more than equations and formulas; Extra Ed’s STEM courses educate through doing, putting the power in students’ hands as they engage in the mechanics of the 21st century.

Each of our STEM-based programs emphasize hands-on learning. Whether they’re working with a single block of LEGO or a sophisticated block of code, our creative, savvy instructors help young learners become technologically literate through the freedom of experimentation.

Making predictions, analyzing cause-and-effect, and even failing with grace become second nature as students find new ways to question, tinker, and innovate.


Extra Ed’s chess programs are available to students from junior kindergarten through to grade 8.

Chess for STEM is Extra Ed’s newest in-class enrichment program that has earned us partnership with the TDSB.

Coding has become an increasingly sought-after skill in the job world today, and an indispensable part of basic digital literacy.

From germination to harvesting, join Extra Ed as we lead you through a hands-on exploration of plants and their relationship to us and our environment.

LEGO® is about bringing ideas, characters, objects and places to life, and the only limits are the furthest reaches of your child’s imagination.

LEGO® Robotics sees students go from assembling bricks to bringing their creations to kinetic life by adding functioning robotics to the mix.

Although the internet is always changing and evolving, a good website remains a staple to any significant online presence.

Science is all around us, so why not explore it?