Setting up any of our programs is simple and straightforward, and can be turned around quickly.

Our strong preference is to start with a phone call. We like to adjust our programs to fit into each and every setting, and a phone call can help us quickly get a better idea of the type of program that you want and answer any specific questions you may have. It also means that you get concise information that you actually want and have asked for, rather than going back and forth with emails or overloading your device with generic information that might not be relevant.

Don’t worry – actual people answer the phone at Extra Ed! No prompts, no long menus, just real people. If that real person doesn’t answer, they are on the other line. Feel free to either try calling again a short time later, or leave a text (preferred) or voice message. We get back to people fast!

If you still prefer email, please don’t hesitate! Many people do.


Here is some information you might find helpful