Extra Ed’s environmental programming has a special place in our heart. Our instructors are passionate about creating change in our environment and want to share this with the next generation - today’s kids! From learning how to cook with materials in your own backyard to becoming conscious of your eco footprint, we offer students hands-on lessons that turn the outdoors into classrooms they can explore freely. Students can turn used paper into a notebook, wild sprouts into a salad, and more as they learn to view our world with respect, care, and a bright vision for the future.


Our School Eco Club offers students the opportunity to make an eco-friendly difference in their school.

From germination to harvesting, join Extra Ed as we lead you through a hands-on exploration of plants and their relationship to us and our environment.

Our Resourceful Cooking program teaches students all about cooking - with an environmental twist!

Science is all around us, so why not explore it? In our Science Club program, students will learn about the preparation of food through the lens of science and the humanities.