Delivered As: In-class enrichment, Lunch / After School Clubs, Before School Clubs
Available To: Junior kindergarten to grade 12
Available In: English and French


From germination to harvesting, join Extra Ed as we lead you through a hands-on exploration of plants and their relationship to us and our environment. Each week students will get their hands in the earth, planting and learning about the food they eat. We focus on healthy eating, how to grow plants sustainably, and how plants are used as food in different cultures.

Students start by planting their own seeds and are guided through how to grow and eventually prepare their plants for meals. We explore the impact various natural elements, such as soil and sun, have on plant growth while analyzing plant interactions and biodiversity. Older grades discuss the impacts of climate change on various types of plants

Topics covered

Germinating seeds

How to make your own compost

Properties of perennial vs annual crops

Soil vs hydro planting

Foraging/Indigenous knowledge

How to regrow from scraps and harvest seeds for future planting

How to cook different foods (when possible)

This program also has many cross-curricular connections to school curriculums, and is popular as an in-class enrichment option. For grades 1-8, this course fits under Understanding Life Systems and Understanding Earth and Space Systems. For grades 9-12, this course fits under Biology (9, 10) and the Earth and Space Sciences (11, 12) strand of science and technology curriculum. The course also includes cross-curricular connections to Healthy Eating in Physical Fitness, Stewardship in Social Studies and Language.

Time to get our hands in the dirt!