Available To: Grades 4-12

Available As: Online Courses for Schools or Individuals

Available In: English and French

This course is designed to complement the existing school curriculum

Course Start Dates Length of Course Cost Pay-what-you-can
Please refer to our calendar 50 minutes/class
Once a week for 5 weeks
If cost is a barrier, just pay what you can. COVID-19 has hurt many financially - including us - but our programs remain accessible to all. Please respect this honour system.

Lights, Camera, Action! You’re in Hollywood baby as Extra Ed introduces you to all the ins and outs of Film Making in this hands-on production focused course.

Extra Ed offers 3 Levels in each of the following courses:

  • Movie Making (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) – Grades 5-12
  • Documentary Film Making (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) – Grades 5-12, and
  • Short Video Creation (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) – Grades 4-12

Movie Making

In this engaging course, students learn about producing, directing, art direction, cinematography, screenwriting, postproduction work and sound – all the key aspects of movie making!  And, as students accumulate more knowledge and practical experience at each level, they are finally able to make their own movie in Level 3! Students advance to the next Level when they complete the previous Level of Movie Making.

Documentary Film Making

Do you love telling stories? Documentary film teaches you to how to create and tell a true story in line with a vision of it. Our amazing instructors help you come up with your own documentary idea and equip you with the skills and knowledge to put it together in a meaningful way. You will learn how to shoot video, edit, and create compelling content all within a couple of days. As each course builds upon the skills learned in the previous level, students advance to the next Level when they complete the previous Level of Documentary Film Making.

Short Video Creation

Do you want to take your video making to the next level? Well step right up because this course is definitely Extra! Learn advanced posting, editing, and formatting techniques and tips to turn your social media posts and home movies into something extra special. Students advance to the next Level when they complete the previous Level of Short Video Creation.


An Extraordinary Education

  • Film making develops our ability to communicate visually.
  • Film making promotes creativity, imagination, and teamwork.
  • Film making allows us to better understand social themes circulating in the world around us.