Available As: In Person/ On-site , Online, Private groups.
Available To: Ages 6 -18
Delivered As: In-class enrichment, Lunch / After School Clubs, Before School Clubs
Available In: English and French


It’s time to grab your director’s chair; you’re making a movie! Extra Ed walks you through everything you need to know to make movies, from production to editing and everything in between. Critique each other’s work in a class setting to make compelling storylines, and you’ll produce a short movie as part of each level. And…action!

Movie Making Level 1

Learn the art of narrative filmmaking.

Movie Making Level 2

Explore directorial techniques for intermediate movie makers.

Movie Making Level 3

Learn advanced editing and become a mini director.

Documentary Filmmaking Level 1

Explore documentary filmmaking and learn about informative films.

Documentary Filmmaking Level 2

Analyze documentaries in more depth for intermediate students.

Documentary Filmmaking Level 3

Learn advanced aspects of documentary films.

Short Video Creation Level 1

Explore video editing! Great for students looking to start YouTube careers.

Short Video Creation Level 2

Take a more in-depth look at online video editing, looking at examples from successes online.

Short Video Creation Level 3

Create a YouTube/Tik Tok channel of their own.

A note on equipment
Students are required to bring their own laptop for this program that can run a full version of any web browser. This excludes tablets.