A Healthy Environment for Teaching & Learning

At Extra Ed, we believe that healthy learning requires a healthy environment, and for learning to have real impact, there needs to be an awareness of the world around us. We actively “Go Green” around the office and in our efforts to give back, we plant trees for every child who signs up for an Extra Ed course.

Some of our initiatives include:

  • We re-use paper through our G.O.O.S. (Good on the other side) policy in the office.
  • We turn junk mail envelopes into our office notepads.
  • We are digital in every possible way to reduce our carbon footprint, from course materials to payroll.
  • We collect used school supplies for the office (we rarely buy anything new).
  • We encourage our staff to use public transportation, walk, ride their bikes or carpool, and we place them near the schools where they work.

Future Projects

Extra Ed volunteers actively work with schools and school districts to transform even the greenest schools into “No Waste” zones by:

  • Encouraging small tweaks that make a big difference while saving thousands of dollars.
  • Setting up collection depots at participating schools for electronics, batteries and other items that otherwise end up in the landfill.
  • Participating in our tree planting initiatives.

Trees Planted10,027

For every registration we receive for an Extra Ed program, we plant a tree. We either provide them as sprouts to our students or plant them on their behalf. Like learning, trees grow with care and stewardship, and remind us of the delicate ecosystem we live in and can learn from. Here is a breakdown:

  • 3,315 White Pines
  • 2,667 White Spruce
  • 803 White Cedar
  • 1,850 Red and Silver Maples
  • 517 White Birch
  • 200 Hackberry
  • 275 Eastern White Pine
  • 300 Colorado Spruce
  • 100 Sugar Maples
Organizations we partner with:
One Tree Planted