Test Staff

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Yakos Spiliotopoulos

Yakos is the founder of Extra Ed. He is an entrepreneur who believes deeply in making education meaningful, accessible, and fun.......

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Maggie Devereux

Maggie completed her MBA in 2006 and has been working at one of Canada’s top five banks since. She has held various roles in Commercial Lending.......

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Jonathan Zeldin

Jonathan serves as both an instructor and as Operations Manager for Extra Ed. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Windsor.......

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Jacques Katz

Jacques Katz, for whom our scholarship fund is now named, was an elementary school teacher in the TDSB for over 10 years........

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David Haller

David serves as the head of Extra Ed’s popular financial literacy programs. He is responsible for teaching, training.............

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Anna Hebert

Anna plays dual roles as financial literacy and chess instructor while also heading up Extra Ed’s environmental initiatives...........

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