Extra Ed has figured out how to engage students and has made our job of identifying quality programs to run in our school a no brainer!
Katina Sutcliffe, John Fisher Public School Parent Council

At School/On-Site PROGRAMS

✓ Music ▼

Ready to be the next Taylor Swift or Bruno Mars? The only way to find out is to first learn to play an instrument and sing in key. And even if you don’t hit super stardom, at least you’ll have your own musical ability whenever and wherever you want it.

✓ Performance ▼

Tap into your inner performer while learning how to think on your feet, project your voice and build your confidence. Being the centre of attention can be a scary thing for some, and acting can help relax your nerves and conquer your stage fright. For others, being in the spotlight is invigorating, and Extra Ed programs give ample opportunity to express yourself and be seen by others.

✓ Visual Arts ▼

Get ready to draw some inspiration! In our Visual Arts programs, you’ll make amazing illustrations and compose the perfect scene as you learn valuable artistic skills.

✓ Film ▼

It’s time to grab your director’s chair; you’re making a movie! Extra Ed walks you through everything you need to know to make movies, from production to editing and everything in between.

✓ Photography ▼

Want to capture the perfect shot with your phone or camera? Whether it’s a portrait, selfie, landscape, or object, Extra Ed can teach you the ins and outs of composition, colour-composition, focal length, filters, and much more!

✓ French ▼

Whether beginner or advanced French speakers, whether in Early French Immersion, Middle French Immersion or Core French, every student will improve skills and gain confidence in French through fun hands-on activities lead by our engaging and responsive teachers.

✓ Indigenous Perspective ▼

Share in a meaningful dialogue about First Nations, Metis and Inuit modern day challenges with an emphasis on Truth and Reconciliation. Through this exciting and relevant program, students will learn about Indigenous cultures and will explore their own connections to diverse Indigenous communities.

✓ Money Managers▼

Extra Ed has turned basic Financial Literacy upside-down! From “boring and tedious” to “fun and inspiring.” Be warned, however, that this program will also turn your home life upside-down. From “mom and dad, give me money,” to “mom and dad, give me money…for my RESP.”

✓ Chess ▼

Are you feeling checkmated? Pinned? Skewered? Are your pieces not working together as a team? Or are you new to chess, and just want to learn more about this awesome game?

✓ Chess Tournament ▼

Are you up to the challenge? It’s time to up your endgame. Every Saturday and Sunday over the summer, on PA days and during school breaks, Extra Ed holds online charity fundraiser chess tournaments for all skill levels and aspirations. It’s a wild time with a focus on competition and fairness.

✓ Lego® ▼

LEGO® is about bringing ideas, characters, objects and places to life, and the only limits are the furthest reaches of your imagination. It’s the classic building blocks that everyone grew up with and where anything is possible… but now with a group of friends!

✓ Lego® Robotics ▼

LEGO® Robotics takes everything we love about putting bricks together for something more than the sum of its parts, and adds functioning robotics to the mix. Can we say Yes and Yes?

✓ Coding ▼

Calling all Script Kiddies! Whether you’re a White Hat “noob” or a 1337 “Elite” developer-in-training, Extra Ed has a class-based coding program to take your STEM skillz to the next level.

✓ Farm to Table Eating ▼

Have you ever wanted to grow your own food? Want to learn about seeds, soil, nutrients and the care required for food that you’ll learn to prepare and cook for healthy meals? With Extra Ed, you’ll get outside into the garden and learn how the agricultural ecosystem really works.

Supporting School Curriculum

Extra Ed offers At School/On-Site courses during and after-school to make group learning accessible for everyone! Our cross-curricular offerings actively encourage areas such as Critical Thinking, Social Awareness, Financial Literacy, Language Skills, and Team Building.

Our rapidly expanding district learning partners include the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), York Region and Peel District, and our curriculum is designed to augment the existing educations offerings while going beyond.

All Extra Ed courses are designed to be flexible to your school schedule: during school hours, after-school, PA Days and holiday periods. Programs are for students aged 6-18, and are designed as enhancements for current school curriculum (even though they don’t feel like being in class).