Farm to Table Eating

Course Overview

Have you ever wanted to grow your own food? Want to learn about seeds, soil, nutrients and the care required for food that you’ll learn to prepare and cook for healthy meals? With Extra Ed, you’ll get outside into the garden and learn how the agricultural ecosystem really works. You’ll tend and harvest organic, pesticide-free food, and then bring it into the kitchen, where cooking sessions turn your raw grown food into something delicious. For Grades 3 and up.

Length of Course Instructor Cost Pay-what-you-can
8 Week Program that runs 1x per Week If cost is ever a barrier to your child participating, we want you to know that every one of Extra Ed’s programs allows for a pay-what-you-can option to ensure everyone can get an extraordinary education, and no one is left behind. And for every student enrolled, we plant a tree! It’s win-win-win.

Available To: JK/SK and Grades 1-8

Available In-class, Lunch Clubs, After School Clubs, Before School Clubs

Available In: English and French

This course is designed to complement the existing school curriculum

An Extraordinary Education

  • Farm to Table Eating celebrates the nutritional and environmental value of eating locally grown food that has not been shipped, stored and aged.
  • Farm to Table Eating teaches students about ethically responsible farming practices.
  • Farm to Table Eating promotes informed and empowered eating choices.